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reaching those #epiclifegoals such as buying a home, a dream honeymoon or creating an investment portfolio that provides you complete financial freedom - all starts with #healthycashflow.
money in VS money out.

this program will help you ace money management and set up #smartmoneyhabits for life. 



Get #moretime for LIFE.


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 Strategise  | review your finances and your goals to create a strategy for success

Systemitize | organize and automate all your finances in our wealth app

Strengthen | we track your progress and keep you accountable for hitting targets

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It's so simple. The sooner you build the foundations and plan your journey to real wealth, the sooner you get there.  

If you have poor spending habits, need to pay down debt or want to ramp up your savings, this program is designed for YOU. Let's MASTER YOUR CASH FLOW and get you headed towards reaching those epic life goals. Stay on top with time efficent tech, solid strategy and some serious accountability.


▶️   ORGANISE your finances into the My Prosperity - our all in one personal wealth  app

▶️   CLARIFY your financial goals, organise your accounts and saving categories.

▶️   AUTOMATE a savings plan.
▶️    Undertake monthly bank account reconciliations.

▶️   Provide a monthly cash flow review report - Spending Budget vs Actual

▶️   TRACK YOUR PROGRESS with a 5-10 minute video overview of monthly spending, high risk areas and goal tracking

▶️   Provide quarterly financial coaching check-ins (usually online  for 30-45 minutes, 4 times per year) 



INITIAL MEETING FEE  - $250 for singles and $330 for couples.


UPFRONT FEE - From $995 setup fee.

ONGOING FEE -  From $300 per month + $25 per month for your My Prosperity app subscription 

Fees will increase based on complexity of your situation and additional structures/entities